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I have a LOT of new things on my DeviantART go to check!

Color Pencil
A rabiscar depois do exame de Geometria Descritiva (que se devia antes chamar “Vala Comum”…lol)

Blue Ballpoint pen
Some sketchy thing i did to rest a bit…
Uniball Unipin Fineliners

Detail of a W.I.P. (will post when finished)

Uniball Unipin Fineliners

A commission for Fred, a classmate.

Watercolors, Color Pencils, Soft pastels, White Uniball Pen

Collage (WIP)

Magazine clipping and aluminium tape

Another one from my sketchbook

Acrylic grey, watercolors, uniball unipin fineliners, color pencils, black spray paint, white uniball pen

Unfinished (WIP)

Watercolors, white pen, color pencils, acrylics, white spray paint, black spray paint, black marker etc.

I need to draw more of this…

Uniball unipin fineliners

Bored people of tumblr! XD

People of tumblr, if you like drawings visit my blog (well i still have a lot to post and to draw anyway aha). I accept orders too if you want so you can contact me or talk to me about something you’d like to ask!

I leave you here my DeviantART too

And oh! If you follow my blog I’ll definatelly follow you back!


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