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Very very old drawing, but very awesome metal and drape details

Graphite pencils

Doing some random still life to decorate my parent’s house….

Soft pastels, Graphite and color pencils

Some Black Metal Logo Designs I’ve been sketching these days

(dont remove the source or i kill you XD )

Work In Progress:

Working “hard” these days with a request for a logo and making still life to decorate my parent’s living room. Pretty much nothing else to do and getting very tired sometimes but still having enough motivation to keep working on my drawings…and that’s what matters!! :)


Magazine Clipping

Latest Ilustration

Uniball Unipin Fineliners  f

new drawing tomorrow..

final logo :)

Literalmente, mãos à obra! Desenhar e pintar sem parar ahah thats the way I like it :)

Anonymous said: play any instrument? like guitar drums

Nop not at all, I don’t play any instrument.. But thanks for the question anyway!!

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