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  • New portrait coming tomorrow!!

  • Farewell fucking camera!

    Finally, after several years in a “coma”, my scanner works, what will ensure better quality of my posts. Ave!!!!

    Also a portrait is soon incoming to the blog. It’s been a while since I don’t draw one!

    I also get this chance to thank all the follows.

  • Nox Illuminatio Mea, framed. 

    (Source: antmrtm)

  • One more little and “fast” Illustration (A6)

    Uniball Unipin Fineliners

    (Source: antmrtm)

  • Very very old drawing, but very awesome metal and drape details

    Graphite pencils

  • Latest Ilustration

    Uniball Unipin Fineliners  f

    (Source: antmrtm)

  • new drawing tomorrow..

  • Literalmente, mãos à obra! Desenhar e pintar sem parar ahah thats the way I like it :)

  • Doing some random still life to decorate my parent’s house….

    Soft pastels, Graphite and color pencils

  • play any instrument? like guitar drums

    Nop not at all, I don’t play any instrument.. But thanks for the question anyway!!